With the Philippine’s corruption perception index falling – both at the local and international level and the increase in the number of Local Government Units (LGUs) perceived to be involved in corruption, DILG now takes the lead in advocacy and action against corruption in LGUs.

The Bantay-Kaagapay Program is an inclusive and comprehensive program aimed to prevent and deter graft and corruption in the LGUs. It is a 3-pronged Department-wide and anti-corruption strategy that attempts to mobilize citizens and communities as a force to keep watch over LGUs and as partner to corruption-proof government.

“To eliminate corruption practices we must engage the communities and other stakeholders to the effort of reducing corruption opportunities. This partnership should result in a more comprehensive anti-corruption mechanisms at the local level and a vibrant participation by many sectors. We should remember that addressing corruption is not the sole responsibility of any sector, but rather a joint commitment by all to eradicate this development menace,” stressed DILG Regional Director Alex C. Roldan, CESO V.

This program is one among DILG projects in support to President Rodrigo Duterte’s anti-corruption campaign.