Executive Legislative Agenda (ELA)

It is the term-based plan culled out from the Comprehensive Development Plan which contains the major development thrusts and priorities of both the executive and the legislative branches for the three year term of office. The ELA is mutually developed and agreed upon by the executive and legislative departments of the LGU in consultation with the various stakeholders.

The major steps of the ELA process are:

  1. Redefining/revisiting the LGU vision and mission statements;
  2. Determining the vision-reality gap;
  3. Formulating sectoral goals and objectives;
  4. Formulating sectoral strategies;
  5. Identifying programs, projects, activities, and legislative requirements;
  6. Prioritizing programs, projects, and activities and legislative requirements;
  7. Ranking and matching of prioritized PPA’s and legislative requirements with available funds.

Role of DILG:

Conduct capability building activities and other technical interventions that would facilitate the formulation of ELA of all municipalities and cities.