Millennium Development Goals (MDG)

This is a monitoring system that allows LGUs to track their contribution to the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as they are expected to among others integrate MDGs in their Local Plans, have MDG-responsive PPAs, Annual Financial Allocation and Utilization and Financial Allocation and Utilization over a 3-year period.

Results generated through the system shall serve as basis for LGUs to come up with interventions to meet the MDGs by 2015.

Office Commitments:

  • Provide technical assistance to LGUs on the administration of the MDG tracking System
  • Prepare Regional Report on MDG Tracking Results

Performance Indicators


Percentage of target LGUs with installed system

80% of target LGU (for 2012)

Percentage of target LGUs with completed MDG tracking forms

100% of target LGUs

Percentage of LGUs assessed on the implementation of the MDGs

100% of all LGUs

National Report on the status of LGUs on MDG implementation prepared and submitted

National report prepared and submitted within the prescribed period

MDG Database maintained and updated

MDG database maintained and updated on time