Nationwide Streamlining of Business Permits and Licensing System (BPLS)

The project aims to Streamline the business permits and licensing system (BPLS in the Philippines in as many LGUs as possible in an Effort to attract investors that will lead to increased local revenues. It involves the development of policies and guidelines that standardize the streamlining of BPLS in cities and Municipalities in accordance with the service standards which the national government has set consistent with Republic Act NO. 9485, otherwise known as the Anti-red Tape Act of 2007.The Streamlining Includes Process reengineering, automation or computerization, customer relations and institutionalization of the system. The project is in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). A total of 480 LGUs have been targeted under the project under DILG-DTI MOA.

Standards on BPLS streamlining:

  • Adoption of the BPLS Unified Form
  • Reduction in the number of signatories (maximum of 5)
  • Limit in the number of steps in applying/Processing business permits and licenses (maximum of 5)
  • Reduction in processing time (new applications:maximum of 10 days; renewal:maximum of 5 days)

Regional Office Commitment

  • Provide technical assistance to target LGUs
  • Monitor and evaluate LGUs with streamlined BPLS
  • Document BLPS good practices

Performance IndicatorsTargetsCompletion of BPLS reformsAll remaining MCC-targeted LGUs, LGUs in tourism zones, plus 15 ARMM LGUsNO. of target LGUs Adopting BPLS reformsAll target LGUsMonitoring and evaluation report prepared and submittedM&E reports prepared and submitted within the prescribed periodBPLS good practices documented for popularizationBPLS good practices documented and disseminated.