Seal of Good Housekeeping

The Seal of Good Housekeeping is in line with the Department`s commitment to aggressively scale up interventions aimed at elevating the practice of good governance that values desirable development outcomes into institutionalized status.

It aims to recognize local governments that accord primacy to the principles of performance, accountability, transparency and participation. After all, such principles are essential in building the long term foundation of a responsible local government system in the country.

Are all LGUs covered by the Seal?

All provinces, cities and municipalities are covered

What are the areas being assessed?
A scaled-up criteria is being employed to emphasize the award levels. Particularly:

Accountable Governance,
and Transparent Governance

Accountable Governance,
Transparent Governance,
and Frontline Service Performance

Accountable Governance,
Transparent Governance,
Frontline Service Performance,
And participatory Governance

Note: SGH Gold is applicable in CY 2013

To ensure an efficient and effective implementation, what process does SGH follow?

  1. Data Collection which involves the gathering of data requirements through a cross-posting scheme of DILG Field personnel and participation of at least 1 representative from a local CSO, civic group, business community or from the youth sector.
  2. Table assessment and Validation which entail the review of documentary requirements, interviews of key informants and on-site inspection. This is to be done at the regional and/or national levels and to be participated in by at least 1 representative from a CSO.
  3. Processing and Selection of Recipients
  4. Conferment of the Seal

Recipients of the Seal are eligible to access the Performance Challenge Fund, a support fund to finance local development initiatives in furtherance of national government goals and strategic thrusts.