Special Local Road Fund (SLRF)

The Special Local Road Fund is the 5% LGU share on the Motor Vehicle Users’ Charge (MVUC) Law or RA 8794 apportioned to provincial and city governments on the basis of vehicle population and size of the road network under their jurisdictions. The fund is used exclusively for road maintenance, improvement of drainage, traffic management and installation of road safety devices. The LGUs use the funds to augment their limited road maintenance budget.

SLRF implementation at the LGU level is considered as an enabling strategy to strengthen the local road sector management process and for DILG to actualize its function on capacity development particularly on local roads management. The project covers all eighty (80) provinces and one hundred thirty-eight (138) cities nationwide. One of the criteria for the availment of the SLRF is the LGU should be a recipient of the seal of Good House keeping.

Office Commitments:

  • Maintain and update database of provincial, city municipal, barangay roads
  • Coordinate with the Road Board, DBM, and other stakeholders on SLRF concerns
  • Provide capability development and technical assistance to LGUs on:
    • Conduct of Local  Road Inventory
    • Preparation of Annual Works Plan (AWPs) and Individual
    • Program of Works (IPWs)
  • Conduct monitoring of SLRF-funded projects
  • Conduct of LGUs’ Performance Assessment on SLRF implementation and road service delivery
  • Review AWPs and IPWs of LGUs
  • Monitor LGUs implementation of SLRF

Performance indicatorsTargetsNo. of road projects completedAll projects funded in the previous years, completed by the end of the current yearIncrease in the number of provinces and cities with approved SLRF projectsIncrease as compared to the previous yearNo. of projects completedAll SLRF projects completed on time